Thoughts + prayers, my ass

Does anyone else think that the hypocrisy surrounding suicidal depression mirrors that of the thoughts and prayers reaction to shooting incidents? Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain, Brody Stevens . . . followed by the urging to “Be sure and get the support you need.”

The reality is that there aren’t supports in place to help this obviously significant population. Many people “on the spectrum” can be challenging to love and help. And all the well-meaning urging to those people to help themselves by getting support is not answering the heart of this epidemic of despair.

I guess I feel about this issue the same way that politically active folk feel about those who don’t have the skills/energy to do the calling, writing protesting that is, to them, the obvious course of action in the multiplicity of crises we face.

Everyone is so keen to demonstrate right and wrong, distinguish the redeemable from the heartless. And yet the less obvious work of figuring out how to be present for the marginalized is reduced to a regretful tweet.

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