The night that I decided to publish this website I brainstormed words that rhyme with and illuminate NancyA — that made me laugh, sounded fancy and just felt right. I had landed on the term “invisible exhibitionist” as my site’s identity, mission and essence. Some rhymes danced on the edges of that idea: Dubonnet, faraway, overstay, sobriquet. All the while I kept hearing the echo of a song I couldn’t place. Melody: check; beat: check; lyrics and title: maddeningly elusive.

Days later it came to me: Peeno Noir from Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Turns out Titus Andromedon, the character belting out this disco anthem, embodies the fundamental tenets of invisible exhibitionism — a sort of shabby chic that isn’t quite up to code, and  barely contains his surreal worldview and (ahem) distinctive style.

Sing it, Titus.

All that’s left is to arrange for some juicy props, costumes, and for Titus to vogue my hasty cover of Peeno Noir, “NancyA.” If you read it after viewing the video, maybe you’ll hear the music that was in the back of my mind while gathering rhymes. This is my innovation — invisible media courtesy of the invisible exhibitionist. Cheap trick or genius workaround?

NancyA, sobriquet
NancyA, drift away
NancyA, très soigné
NancyA, resumé
NancyA, cabaret
NancyA, NDA
NancyA, overstay
NancyA, eggs flambé
NancyA, way outré
NancyA, totes Pompeii
NancyA, kitsch café
NancyA, mad foray
NancyA, just okay
NancyA, work-a-day
NancyA, je daresay
NancyA, thought purée
NancyA, anchors aweigh.